Research in choreography, scenography & technology

Manchester, UK

I am interested in dancing and machines.

In 1997, I accidentally became a choreographer. It’s been firefighting ever since. With hindsight, I’m not sure my artistic goals wouldn’t have been better served in a sleazy rock band.

We could collaborate. I can contribute scenography, interactive environments, robotics, puppets and bespoke software. Hello.

Currently learning about: ballet as a generative grammar; autonomous object performance; Lisp for dancers; Jacobean masque; pattern survival vs. thermodynamics; narrative automation; Buddhism; desktop fabrication; renaissance theatrical machines; synthetic biology.

Some artists I like: Gisele Vienne; Mark Bruce; BlackestEverBlack; Mother of London; Don Paterson; Roly Porter; Michael Clark; UVA; Christopher Brosius; Mark Padmore; Bompas & Parr.

Autonomous follow spot (2012)
With The Kazimier. [Source]
Choreography for artificial vision (2012)
Performer: Katherine Kingston.
Endless — (2012)
Under development. Details to follow.

Selected earlier work

Impromptu (2008)
Performers: gjh with Manchester Bach Choir.
...aber hauptsaechlich Fragezeichen (2005 - unfinished)
Performer: Tryste Wilber.
3clips3 (2003) Deaf & Dumb Institute, Manchester
Performers: Mark Edward, Kema T. Ekpei, Emma Bateman, Ruth McCall.
Interference (2002) greenroom, Manchester
Performers: Ruth Gibson, Julia Griffin, Grace Surman. Music: Tom Williams, cello: Francis-Marie Uitti.